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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Shingle beaches

Here are some of the many advantages in visiting a beach with shingle sand:

  • Gusts and strong winds do not blow shingle sand into your eyes and all over your food and clothing.
  • Swimming can take place at the waters edge rather than yards out, meaning parents are in easy reach of their children.
  • Paddling can be supervised close to where parents are sitting as the tide line does not vary much during the day.
  • Shingle sand is easily brushed off before you go home.
  • Kayaks and windsurfers can be launched at the shoreline.
  • Boats can be nosed right up to the shoreline, allowing passengers to disembark onto the beach, subject to prevailing sea conditions.
Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are now permitted on the beach for the winter but please stay with them, well behaved dogs are welcome in the café, we just ask you not to leave them free roaming outside!  The Blue Flag regulations will come into force again in March 2021.

Are there any height restrictions in the car parks?

There are no height restrictions in the car parks.

What is the postcode?

For sat navs, the nearest postcode for the beach is TQ6 0RG.

Is overnight parking or camping allowed?

Unfortunately, overnight parking and camping is not permitted at Blackpool Sands.

Are there any parking charges?

Parking charges vary throughout the season, please call 01803 771800 for current prices and during the coronavirus outbreak, we are only accepting payment by card.  

Are jet skies or boats allowed?

Jet skis – are not allowed to be launched or landed anywhere on the beach or used within the bathing buoy area.

Boats – motorised boats are not allowed to be launched, landed or used within the bathing buoy area for safety reasons but for a small launching fee can be launched or landed at the very far east end of the beach.

Could I bring a BBQ?

BBQs are not to be lit until after 5pm in the main summer months to ensure other beach users are not affected. Do not use BBQs on grassy areas. We ask that you take the entire unit home with you including the ash and charcoal remains. Open fires are not allowed anywhere on the premises.

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors are not permitted anywhere on the beach.

Are drones allowed?

For our patrons’ privacy and safety, drones are not allowed to be flown over or within the immediate airspace.

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